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Touching Souls International

Oct 20

Emergency Relief For The Needy

The backward sections in any third world country are in dire need of help and assistance to lead a descent life. Income inequality is a major problem in these nation and this has led to widespread socio economic disparity. In an effort to minimize this problem and help the poor to get financially stable, Touching Souls International has been working actively among the underprivileged classes through various emergency relief assistance programs. Our main objective is to make the poor have their own social status and get self dependent.
http://www.touchingsoulsintl.org/Our emergency relief programs cover a wide range of sectors for helping the poor in different ways. Starting from providing financial assistance to food and shelter, we undertake arrange of such benevolent activities to help the poor and needy during emergency situations. Our volunteers work with utmost commitment so as to ensure that even the poorest in remote villages get the share of assistance. We do all these with one aim- uplifting the living standards of the poor.
We provide medical assistance to the poor in the form of sponsoring the cost of treatment, surgeries or other health care facilities. During the winter and rainy seasons, the poor living in remote villages are provided with clothing and woolen clothes. Furthermore for poor students, we provide books and funds to let them continue their education without any hitches. We provide tin and aluminum roof sheds and small bamboo houses to people who have lost their homes due to storms and floods. Moreover, capital funding is also supplied to provide support in times of emergency or calamities.

Donate to  a charity and can use online donation organized by Touching Souls International, a non-profit organization who is actively involved in all sorts of charity work. Be a part of their projects and donate now.


Oct 07

The Importance Of Helping Children WorldWide

Most of us realize the importance of helping children mature into healthy contributing adults, but not every child has the opportunity to easily accomplish this fact. When we take the time to help our own children become successful, it will help us realize why and what to do for millions of children around the world who desperately need help. There are multiple charity organizations with only one goal in mind, to help children reach their potential. While that is very easy to say, it is difficult to accomplish when a child lives in a Third World or war-torn country.

If we’re a normal parent living in an industrialized nation, it’s relatively easy to ensure our children have everything they need; millions of dollars are spent every year in an attempt to ensure our children are healthy, happy, and receiving the education they need to grow into responsible adults. There are parents in other parts of the world, who have the same dreams and aspirations, but not the means to help their children reach them.


Kids of our  village school

Kids of our village school

Our organization was conceived, to help children, to receive the care they need, but are unable to afford. Watch the news any evening, and you’ll see tragedy has likely struck somewhere in the world, while those places seemed far away, realize there are young children being affected. How would you feel if your child lived in a war zone, or was disabled based on circumstances beyond their control?

There are many worthwhile organizations designed to help economically distressed children; children who need medical care, quality education, or simply enough food to keep them from starvation. While it’s easy to feel detached, and not worry about people halfway around the world, children are the future of our planet. While it’s difficult to look at a young child, and predict what he or she may grow into; certainly some of them may indeed be a future leader, bringer of world peace, or inventor of a life changing medical procedure. However, this can only happen if people like you become aware of the situation, and then decide to take action.

Tomorrow as you wake and look into the smiling face of your child, realize how fortunate you are to to have the ability to nurture your child, and help them achieve success, both physically and emotionally. As you dwell on this wonderful moment of unqualified love, realize you have the ability to do even more. If you simply take the time to realize there are children worldwide who can benefit immensely from just a few dollars a day or a small amount of your time, you realize that you can be part of the solution.

Children are the future; and you have the opportunity to make their future become a reality. Touching Souls International is a New York based non profit organization actively involved in charity work for a long time. Our mission is to provide support, services, and assistance in health, education and environment for the needy, economically disadvantaged people of the third world countries. Make a tax-deductible gift to support us. Donate to charity now using our online donation.


Oct 02

Why Make An Online Donation Instead Of A Phone Donation?

Whether to donate to charity or not is something that is often played through people’s minds. Some people do not like the thought of giving money to charity, as they don’t think people would ever do the same for them if they were in the same situation, but this is not really a reason that you should consider. The key thing is to consider the type of charity you are donating too.

There are charities out there that offer services to different causes over the world, some of which you will be aware of are; Breast Cancer, Cancer Results, Help the Children in Third World Countries, Giving cleft-lip  or cataract surgeries. The best charities you can donate to will be non-profit organizations.

If a charity is a non-profit organization it means that money they get from donations goes directly to the cause they are facing, however if you donate to a profitable charity they take a percentage of the earnings. It’s importance that you recognize and understand why you should choose non-profit organizations. The main reason why we have charities is to give to those that are less fortunate to us or to help towards a cause that requires more attention.

If a company opens a charity purely to produce revenues it is wrong in a moral way. It means they are manipulating you into giving money to those that need it but they in turn are taking it off them, the opposite of the morals behind charity. On top of this there are also quite a few charity scams all over the world now, where people claim to be members of a charity but trick you in to donating. They are usually quite suspicious and you should be able to know if it’s a registered charity or not. Due to new technologies there are many ways to make donations; you can make a donation to a charity representative in the street, phone a charity and start a donation via the phone or make a donation online. If you make a donation over the phone you will be required to hand over your personal information including name, address and bank card details, something which can be very risky when there are a lot of scammers out there.

If you make a donation online you can pay directly via your card or you can use an external secure payment system such as PayPal. If you use these secure system you are fully protected from scammers or people saying they are charities when they’re not (PayPal require certain information to be verified before users can receive and withdraw cash). If you find a charity that you would like to donate too, be sure to have a look at every payment option they have available and choose the one that’s right for you.



Sep 23

Sharing the Pain of Cleft-Lip Children

For parents, there is nothing more heartwarming than the smile on the face of their child. The innocent smile helps the parents to share a priceless moment with their kids. However this act of smile can be quite painful for few children. The reason is that they are born with cleft-lip. This takes away the smile from the innocent face giving them pain. Touching Souls International had an opportunity to meet cleft-lip children in a charity program organized by them. This health initiative was taken keeping these children in mind.www.touchingsoulsintl.org Sazem got his free cleft-lip surgery from Touching Souls International

In the session our team had interacted with a lot of children affected with cleft-lip. They had shared their thoughts with us. Most of them were in the hope of getting away with this disorder and give their life a new beginning. They had bigger aims in life, someone wanted to become a doctor while some had aspired to become a teacher in life. Their inability to speak properly made them paralyzed but it could not stop them from dreaming about a successful future. When they got a chance to interact with us, they were excited to come up with their thoughts. These thoughts were solely theirs and till then no one had ever asked them about their aims in lives.

www.touchingsoulsintl.org Sazem got his free cleft-lip surgery from Touching Souls InternationalAfter this session, we came to a conclusion that these people needed funds to have their cleft-lip surgeries. And we will provide them the necessary monetary support. We took a pledge to be by their side and make their dreams come true for them. Our health initiative was successful when the cleft-lip surgeries of more than 700 children and adults were completed.

We are really thankful to the doctors who have lent their helpful contribution to our projects. Without their participation we wouldn’t have emerged as winners. We owe all our credits to the eminent medical professionals.

Make online donation for the disadvantaged people  by participating in the projects of Touching Souls International. Donate now. Your donation goes 100% toward it’s charity projects.

Sep 15

The New World of Akram

It is a new day for Akram, a resident of Bara Chowna Bazar, P.S. Shakhipur, Tangail, Bangladesh . He had never expected this day to arrive in his life. He is the same  man whom Touching Souls International met a year back in 2010. Akram  had lost every single hope to get his vision back. Cataract is not an incurable disease. Proper treatments can cure a person infected with cataract completely. What prevented him from having a surgery was his status in life. He did not have enough money required for a cataract surgery. Infact, the monetary issue is what matters in the life of an individual who is poor. Touching Souls International have always been there for such people giving them the necessary funds for their operation.

Akram got his free cataract surgeryIn Bangladesh, there are many like Akram  who look for a support to have a better life. Imagine the world around you closing your eyes for a few minutes. It would seem like a dark land. What would be the world for those who have lost their vision? They lose their hope to live and restrict themselves in some corner of their homes.  Akram was first examined and then considering his case as an acute one, he was sent to Bangladesh National Blind Society hospital to have a cataract surgery. His lens implant was also done there free of cost. Giving the money for such a cause was successful.

The day was 5th of July, 2011. Every member of his family was called in the hospital that day. He had made a wish to see his mother first when he gets his vision back. That moment was memorable. Both the son and the mother were in tears. Their happiness knew no ends. After 7 years of a dark life, Akram  was finally able to see.  It was a complete new world to him. He could now leave the corner of his room  and match steps with his friends in the football ground.

Wish you a successful life ahead, Akram.

Donations onlineare accepted by Touching Souls International, a non-profit organization involved in charity programs. Donate now to support them.

Sep 10

Training sessions for Doctors in Palliative Care

The World Health Organization defines Palliative Care as that approach which helps in improving the quality of the patients who are facing the problems related to life-threatening diseases. They further conclude that this approach can be achieved successfully by means of early identification and by treating the patients with utmost care. Touching Souls International truly believe in this statement and have taken initiative in giving training to the doctors of Bangladesh in palliative care.

www.touchingsoulsintl.org Training doctors in palliative careA basic course in Palliative Medicine was conducted for the medical professionals in the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University from 27th March to 5th May 2011. It was a six week course. Expert doctors from Palliative Medicine, Kerala, India came for giving training to the doctors in Bangladesh. They had arranged for special training sessions where the doctors had to interact with the patients. Care is the only medicine for these patients who live under the threats of a life taking disease. The patients had opened up themselves in front of these expert professionals. The eyes that kept on shedding tears were enough to disclose their pain within the heart. They had lived every single day in fear of death that may arrive at any point of time in their lives. These doctors have acted as their saviors.

We are really thankful to the doctors of Institute of Palliative Medicine, Kerala who participated in this program and made it successful. The Director of the Institute came here as the external examiner and delivered valuable lectures on palliative care. Our mission was giving training to the doctors so that they can provide their service in treating the  patients who are in need in palliative care. The doctors from the reputed institute in Kerala helped in accomplishing our task successfully.

We hope that the training was worthy for the doctors in the country and we expect their co-operation in treating the patients with palliative care in future.

Touching Souls International, a non-profit organization is involved in charity programs for the needy people In Bangladesh. Donate now to make their programs successful. You can even make online donation.


Sep 05

Donate The Gift Of Smile

Nur, a wonderfully outgoing 5 year arrived for surgery  in Nurture  Hospital Center for Paralyzed in  Chittagong, Bangladesh with her most favorite persons, her parents. Nur is one of four children from a remote village in the Chittagong District who has lived with a  cleft lip all of her life.

Bapon Saha, from Touching Souls International, met  during a pre-screening in her district and quickly nicknamed her “happy girl.” “I got the pleasure of meeting Nur  shortly before she went into surgery and quickly learned why her nickname suited her – her positive personality was awesome!”

After surgery when Nur was in recovery, she was given a mirror where she saw her healed lip for the first time. Instantly tears of joy began to run down her cheeks, then down the cheeks of all around her. We brought her parents in and upon seeing their daughter for the first time, they were surprised than anyone thought could be humanly possible.

Nur’s story has touched us all. Those reasons being the patients and families whose lives are changed, which always in turn change ours. There are many kids like Nur who passes their childhood even many parts of adulthood with cleft-lip.

Cleft lip and cleft palate is a major problem in developing countries like Bangladesh. The people with cleft -lip and cleft palate are unable to eat or speak properly for which they have to face an isolated life filled with pain and shame for not being socially acceptable. Touching Souls International, a nonprofit organization offers free cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for economically disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. Cleft lip operation gives the person a whole new start of life. Touching Souls International‘s cleft lip project is dedicated to optimize the quality of life of individuals affected by facial birth defects.
Cleft lip and cleft palate patients may have to face with following problems:
1. Eating problems: With a separation or opening in the palate, food and liquids can pass from the mouth back through the nose.
2. Ear infections/hearing loss: Children with cleft palate are at increased risk of ear infections since they are more prone to fluid build-up in the middle ear.
3. Speech problems: Children with cleft lip or cleft palate may also have trouble speaking. These children’s voices don’t carry well, the voice may take on a nasal sound, and the speech may be difficult to understand.
4.Dental Problems: Children with clefts are more prone to a larger than average number of cavities and often have missing, extra, malformed, or displaced teeth requiring dental and orthodontic treatments.

Touching Souls Internationall’s cleft-lip project works in co-operation with Cleft-lip Camp Group of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Touching Souls International is an organization which is dedicated for it’s philanthropy for the disadvantaged people of third world countries. Since 2001, it has provided thirty six free cleft-lip camp in different districts of Bangladesh. In each cleft-lip camp fifteen to seventy needy cleft-lip patients got free cleft-lip surgeries. For the first time in their lives, they get back the freedom of smile. These patients get back a new life to live, not to be ashamed of their facial birth defect any more. They get a second chance to live.

Touching Souls International is a New York based non profit organization actively involved in charity work for the past two decades. Our mission is to provide support, services, and assistance in health, education and environment for the needy, economically disadvantaged people of the third world countries. Make a tax-deductible gift to support us. Donate to charity now using our online donation.

Aug 26

School Project of Touching Souls International

Illiteracy is a matter of concern for a country like Bangladesh with such a huge population. People living in the rural areas are mostly illiterate and are even devoid of any knowledge on literacy. These people do not have enough money to educate themselves and choose the option of staying illiterate throughout their lives. This was one of the primary concerns of Touching Souls International and we thought awareness is the first step that we should take. Education is one of the primary pillars of our life that instills a confident personality within us.

270 Kids getting education in a village school

The next step was to build a school in the village and ensure that they have all the facilities for the students. We wanted the best education to be imparted in that school.  The teachers we selected were from the village itself whose disability had separated them from the society.  Some of these  teacher probably  has the best knowledge in Mathematics but did not get an opportunity to use his skills due to his disability.

We did not want any kids to miss out their chance to attend the classes. Apart from education, we also put emphasis on their participation in games and arranged for sports day in the schools. The parents co-operated with us in the projects by sending the kids to school regularly and by making them participate in games.

The school projects of Touching Souls International are one of the most successful projects of this non-profit organization. We believe in imparting quality education to the disadvantaged  village kids of and want to emphasize that money cannot always be a hindrance in the path of education.

Donate funds in the school funding projects of Touching Souls International. Your funds can build a future of a child. They accept donation online.


Aug 22

Feeding a Hungry soul- A True Act of Philanthropy

Philanthropy means ‘the love for humanity’ and in a wider sense it implies ‘what it is to be human’. Touching Souls International has always believed in the essence of humanity. After all, our charity projects are dedicated to the development of humanity. Since our inception we have worked for bringing a change in the lives of the destitute. Their smiles that have replaced their frozen tears have always been of utmost importance to us. Being poor is not the fault of any individual, it is the circumstances that brings poverty in their life.

http://touchingsoulsintl.org- Feeding the hungryTouching Souls International provides regular monthly allowance for 21 villages of Netrokona and Kishoreganj district of Bangladesh. About 110 people receive this allowance. They are elderly and disabled people who do not own any land or even have an earning member in their family. They are lonely with no one to take care of them. They have also approached age and are unable to make their living by themselves. All they need is a helping hand who can be their guide in their last days. We understand their pain and have devoted ourselves to the needs of these people. That is what we describe as a true act of philanthropy.

Helping the elderly people in their last days of life is the best way to serve humanity. Feeding their hungry soul is one of our best efforts. Every month, when these people come to collect their monthly allowance we get a chance to interact with them. Everyone has a different story to unfold. Someone has lost his only son while others cry as their only son has left them. Their stories bring tears to the eyes. What if we lend our caring hand to them? Their last days can be beautiful. Can’t we take this much pain for them? After all, that is what we call philanthropy, donating for the people in need.

Online donationscan be made to support the projects of Touching Souls international. Donate nowto participate in their projects.


Aug 20

Treating the Bedsore of Paralyzed Patients

People who have actually gone through the pain of bedsores know how painful they can be. The name, quite misleading it seems, came about because of those people who used to stay unconscious or bedridden for lying at one place for quite a long time. It is commonly seen among those who cannot sense pain or have become immobile in life. These are open wounds which result from damaged tissue and skin. If they are not treated on time, they can result in serious health complications like cellulitis, a skin infection causing swelling as well as severe pain.

http://www.touchingsoulsintl.org/ Treating paralyzed patientTouching Souls International, jointly with Nurture hospital in Bangladesh provides assistance for the treatments of bedsore for these paralyzed patients. These patients are helpless and cannot even afford to go for proper treatments. The numbness in their eyes speaks about their pain. They have lost every hope of a healthy live and have become habituated living with the painful bedsores on their body. The appearance of these bedsores is so terrible and horrifying. Just imagine people living with these sores. Sounds terrible! But it is not incurable. Proper treatments can make you get rid of them. That is what we wanted to make people aware of. Our health initiative is backed up by a number of doctors, nurses and other staffs of Nurture hospital.

Free beds are provided to the needy people and they are kept under daily supervision by the doctors. They ensure that the hospital area is kept clean so that proper treatment of bedsore is possible. Under the supervision of these professional doctors the patients overcome from the pain within a short period. During the health treatment session, the paralyzed patients seem to imbibe in them a fresh confidence. The caring words of the doctors and the nurses make them completely out of the trauma that they had faced because of their paralyzed state.

You can donate funds to support the different campaigns of Touching Souls International, a non-profit organization dedicated to support the needy. Make donations online and be a part of them.


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