60 Patients Got Free Cataract Surgery On 12/06/10

This is a video of our recent eye camp. More than 1,300 individuals in Bangladesh received eye screening and treatment during Touching Souls International’s three-day eye camp of December 5, 2010, in Banail, Kishoregonj. 195 economically disadvantaged patients are selected for free cataract surgery with lens implant. 300 patients received eye medicines and 100 individuals got eye glasses. This is the first batch of sixty patients who got their free cataract surgery on 12/06/10. The 2nd batch of 50 patients got their cataract surgery on 12/08/10. The 3rd and 4th batch of patients will get their free cataract surgeries on December 22nd and January 9th, 2011. Patients were selected from six Thanas, Madan, Tarail, Itna, Karimgonj, Kendua and Nandail. The eye camp is just one of several projects of the nonprofit, Touching Souls International which provides many projects for the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh as part of their philanthropy.

Touching Souls International, a nonprofit organization dedicated in providing the support, services, and assistance in health, education and safe environment needed by the economically disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. The eye camps are part of the organization’s Sight Restoration and Blindness Prevention Project.

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