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Health Is Hope And Hope Is Everything | Touching Souls International




Health Is Hope And Hope Is Everything

Health of people measures the quality of human life in a country. Good health can have quite significant impact on the economic development of a country. The conditions contributing to the development of the country depends a lot on a healthy population for whom securing better health services is an absolute necessity as this in turn promises better education, earning capacity, productivity, hope and aspiration for individuals. Poor health condition can leave huge impact on a country not just for having to spend large amount of money on health care cost, but it also increases poverty, deprivation and ill health in an interrelated manner that pushes the society to a pitfall.

Death and disease in children and women, injury, malnutrition and arsenic contamination in drinking water are the major factors that affect the health conditions of people living in Bangladesh. Underprivileged people living in remote villages suffer worse health conditions at a very young age which at times result in death. The health hazards are mainly due to excessive population, poverty and limited access to health care and social protection. Health is a crucially important issue, particularly for the underprivileged living in Bangladesh.

Touching Souls International believes that investing in health of the people who have no access to basic health care facilities is a prerequisite to break out of the cycle of poverty. They further think that good health can only contribute to the development of the underprivileged in the remote areas of the country. Healthier people can be more productive, earn higher wages, and therefore have a better life. Healthy children are more likely to escape physical consequences of childhood diseases and do better in school. These children would be less likely to suffer disability and impairment and are more likely to achieve their earning potential in later life. Healthy and educated people can only contribute to the upliftment of the society.

With this belief, Touching Souls International has been doing various programs on health and education for the past two decades. They focus on helping the deprived people living in remote villages of Bangladesh attain healthy and respectful life. Good health is the only hope and weapon for these people to fight poverty. Touching Souls International, a nonprofit organization has been providing support, services and assistance in the areas of health, education and environment for the needy, economically disadvantaged.

Patients getting free surgeries from Touching Souls International. www.touchingsoulsintl.orgTo help the deprived people in villages overcome their illness, Touching Souls International conducts many medical camps each year, where poor villagers from different areas are examined by doctors for ailments like cataract, cleft-lip and club foot. To cure these people, this non-profit organization facilitates free surgeries for patients who are recommended so by the medical experts. They also look after the post-operative cares and checkups of these patients for the complete accomplishment of the surgery. Touching Souls International also conducts family welfare programs on maternal and child health in which mother and child both are provided with free medical care and assistance by Gynecological consultants and surgeons during or before delivery, with supports like free checkups, medicines, post-delivery care and vaccinations.

Touching Souls International further funds for training doctors and nurses in palliative care and rehabilitation care and provide free treatments to the very poor and disabled patients in ‘Nurture Hospital for Paralyzed and Disabled’.

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