Medicare supplement is a type of health plan in the United States that provide with the Part C coverage of your medicare. If you are already enrolled in Part A and Part B of the Original Medicare, you can choose to enrol in part c – the medicare supplement plan. In the original medicare, the government pays off medicare benefits when you get them. Whereas, Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan g are offered by privately-owned companies which are approved by Medicare. Along with providing the extra benefits, the Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan g may even cost you less than the original plan. Listed below are some of the popular medicare supplement plans in Arizona.

1. Allwell Medicare Essentials (HMO)

The plan does not have a deductible and has a high out of pocket maximum value. You do not need to pay for the visit to your local doctor. However, the specialist you would be visiting would be needed to pay a minimal amount. It does not cover much of the dental services or eye services. Get a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan g.

2. Aetna Medicare Freedom Plan

With an overall rating of 4.8, this plan is the most popular in the district. They provide intense in-hospital care along with mental health care and chiropractic care. Also, hospice care is fully paid and you do not have to make a copayment for it. It assigns $250 for prescription drugs, including all the 5 tiers. It provides a large array of dental services, the most any plan offers. It also provides a different vision examination and pays a total of $100 every year. The patient also receives a total of $1000 for hearing exams and speech training.

3. Blue Pathway Plan 2

With a $0 monthly premium payment, this plan stands with a 4.3 rating. It specifies an out-of-pocket maximum amount of $4500. After this amount is spent, all the other health care expenses would be looked after by the insurance company themselves. It includes prescription drugs as well in the plan. The plan provides 20% coinsurance for dental services and a total of $150 for eye examinations. Along with this, there are various over the counter benefits and chiropractic care as well as mental health is also taken care of.

The plans listed above may vary from county to county. While selecting an insurance medicare plan, you should make sure, you know your requirements and needs to select the best plan for you with minimum premium and more benefits.