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Without the light of eyes, the beauty of the colorful sky,the vastness of the ocean, the magnificence of nature and the very essence of living in this wonderful world becomes meaningless. Ninety year old Dibba Sunduri of village Kacharipara of Nilganz lost her husband nine years ago. Now she's living in his son's family. For the last five years she was cataract blind and two years before that she had blurry vision. Staying with her son's family it was completely impossible to have any kind of treatment of her cataract blind condition. When she learned that in the village Banail of Tarail Touching Souls International was  having a free eye-camp for the cataract blind persons, she came with the help of her daughter-in-law to the eye-camp October 21st of 2008. More than one thousand patients were screened. Dibba Sunduri was selected to have cataract surgery along with sixty nine patients at that time. After her cataract surgery with her lens implant when the bandage was removed she was speechless to see the light of earth again. Just like Dibba Sunduri three hundred thirty eight people got their eye sight through the support of Touching Souls International. On this November 1st 2009 Touching Souls International is having their next eye-camp in Banail high school, Tarail  Thana in Kishoreganz District , Bangladesh where   eighty eight cataract blind people  been selected out of over a thousand patients,to get their eyesight back

Since the year 2005 Touching Souls International is supporting the free sight restoration and blindness prevention project where in each eye-camp one thousand to fifteen hundred people are screened for their eye problems, they are given free medicines and around eighty cataract blind people get free cataract surgery with lens implants. There are so many people in Bangladesh who are cataract blind; a condition which is curable in most cases. For most of the Bangladeshi's cataract surgery is very expensive so whoever is cataract blind may remain blind throughout their lives, becoming burdensome for their families and society.

Touching Souls Internationals mission is to eradicate curable blindness in Bangladesh.Touching Souls International is a New York based philanthropic organization. Tahmina Sultan is the president of the organization. She along with her husband Sayed Tipu Sultan are running many philanthropic projects for more than twenty five years in Bangladesh. Tahmina Sultan, Sayed Tipu Sultan, Salahuddin Baksh, Abu Khan, Mohammad Chowdhury, Sheonty Sultan-Baksh, Quazi Islam, Nahid Milky, Sandra E. Roper, Sufia Hossein are the board members of Touching Souls International. Minhaz Quddus Fizu is the regional director of Touching Souls in Bangladesh. Touching Souls International has many projects in Bangladesh such as the cleft-lip project which since 2001 had 36 camps. In each camp they did fifteen to seventy free cleft-lip surgeries giving patients a whole new sense of life, making them socially acceptable, optimizing the quality of life of individuals affected by facial birth defects. Touching Souls International provides artificial limbs, fellowship to train doctors in palliative care from abroad, scholarships for needy and meritorious students, support for orphans, funds school, fellowships for water forum journalists, awareness in arsenic poisoning, assistance to desperately ill patients, monthly honorarium for over a hundred elderly,needy disabled individuals of 21 villages of Kishoreganz & Netrokona  district of Bangladesh.

Touching Souls International
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