December 5th 2009, Touching Souls International provided arsenic awareness program in three districts of Bangladesh


December 3rd to 5th, 2009 Touching Souls International conducted their 3 days arsenic awareness program in three districts of Bangladesh, Sylhet,Kulaura and Bhairab. TSIís team provided information about arsenic poisoning, how to purify water from arsenic, attainable treatment plan by giving lectures, leaflets and CDs in many schools, colleges and markets of these three districts. Hand pumps have been promoted by aid agencies and the government for more than twenty years. The world had helped Bangladesh solved its problem of diseased water, where many people used to die from water-borne diseases. But evidence shows that water from most of these hand pumps contains high level of arsenic and fifty million of Bangladeshis are at risk of arsenic poisoning, many of them are having skin cancer due to the accumulation of arsenic. Drinking water is a basic need. But drinking that arsenic contaminated water Bangladeshis facing the nightmare of skin cancer. TSIís team educates the people on the following:

  • Not to drink water from the hand pumps which are marked red (contaminated with arsenic).
  • Boiling the arsenic contaminated water does not lower the concentration of arsenic in it.
  • People should use alternative source of arsenic free water, surface water, like pond, river, well and rain water boiled for forty-five minutes.
  • Saving social stigma, arsenic poisoning is not contagious.
  • Persons who are poisoned seriously with arsenic, need to take rest, drink arsenic free water, eat healthy food with lots of vegetables, specially from cabbage family