July 25, 2009 ĖTouching Soulís Cleft-Lip camp in Patgram, Rangpur, Bangladesh


Touching Souls International had their free cleft-lip camp in Patgram, Rangpur, Bangladesh for the economically disadvantaged people of that area on July 25th, 2009.In this free cleft-lip camp, seventeen patients got their free cleft-lip surgery.Seventeen patients from age two to fifty two got their surgeries done, sponsored by Touching Souls International with cooperation with Cleft-Lip Camp Group of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

People with cleft-lip are unable to eat or speak properly for which they have to face an isolated life filled with pain and shame for not being socially acceptable.Touching Souls International offers cleft surgeries to economically disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.Since 2001, Touching Souls International has done thirty-six free cleft lip camps.Each one of these camps has done surgeries ranging from fifteen to seventy.Cleft-lip operation gives a person a whole new start of life.TSIís cleft-lip project is dedicated to optimize the quality of life of individuals affected by facial birth defects.

Touching Souls Internationalís cleft-lip project works in cooperation with Cleft-Lip Camp Group, Burn Unit, Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh, teamed by internationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Samanta Lal Sen and anesthesiologist Professor Dr. Khalil-UR-Rahman with many other volunteer doctors and nurses.