October 16, 2009 –Touching Souls International is giving monthly honorarium to 110 desperately needy, old & disabled people of 21 villages of Kishoreganj & Netrokona, Bangladesh


80 years old Ramjanennessa walks curved bent down posture with the help of a cane.  She lost her husband, Dengu Miah 11 years ago.  She does not have any son.  After her husband’s death she lives with her only daughter & son-in-law, where she is an extra burden.  Morning sunshine does not bring any light for her.  Waking up in the morning, the main thought for her for the day, will she be able to have any food for today. She was seeing dark all around her, living in such a miserable condition of poverty, where every day she is uncertain about her next meal of the day.  After her husband’s death she could not get any help from the government even to have the food for the day.  When Ramjanennessa was feeling hopeless to survive, Touching Souls International came to her side.  She came to the office of Touching Souls International, village Banail, Thana Tarail, Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. After assessing her condition, she got a laminated picture ID card, with which she will be getting her monthly honorarium on the 1st day of each Bengali month. After getting the honorarium card Ramjannessa is finding the light to live again.  She does not have to think about her hunger any more.  She got her days back where she enjoys every day of her life being alive.

Just like Ramjannessa, 110 people of 21 villages of Kishoreganj and Netrokona of Bangladesh are getting their monthly honorarium from Touching Souls International.  From this October 2009, each person must present their laminated picture ID card to collect their monthly honorarium on 1st day of each Bengali month.  People who are very needy, old, disabled, who does not have any land, does not have any earning member in the family, do not get any kind of government allowances, could be eligible for the monthly honorarium given by Touching Souls International.  Every six months each person needs recertification to get the honorarium.