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Sight Restoration & Blindness Prevention Project

Touching Souls International's eye sight and blindness prevention project started in the eye camp of village Banial, Kishoreganj District in Bangladesh in the year 2005, offering cataract surgeries with lens implant free of charge for the poor people. There are so many people in Bangladesh who are cataract blind, a condition which is curable in most cases. For most of the Bangladeshis a cataract surgery is very expensive so whoever are cataract blind may remain blind throughout their lives,becoming a burden for the families and society.Since the project's inception we did 936 cataract surgeries with lens implant free of charge for the poor people of Kishoreganj District of Bangladesh.

Our mission is to eradicate curable blindness in Bangladesh and we are seeking funding to expand the help to economically disadvantaged areas of Bangladesh.

TSI's sight restoration and blindness prevention project works in co-operation with Bangladesh National Blind Society,Mymensingh.

Cleft-Lip Project:

Touching Souls International cleft-lip project provides free reconstructive cleft- lip and cleft -pallet surgery for children and adults in different parts of Bangladesh. TSI's cleft -lip project started in 2001 teamed by internationally recognized plastic surgeon DR. Samanta Lal Sen and anesthesiologist Dr.Khalil - ur Rahman, and up to date has helped more than 700 children and adults in different parts of Bangladesh.

Cleft -lip and cleft -pallet is a major problem in developing countries like Bangladesh. The people with cleft -lip and cleft -pallet are unable to eat or speak properly for which they have to face an isolated life filled with pain and shame for not being socially acceptable. TSI offers free cleft-lip and cleft- pallet surgeries for economically disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. Cleft- lip operation gives the person a whole new start of life. Our cleft- lip project is dedicated to optimize the quality of life of individuals affected by facial birth defects.

Management of cleft lip/cleft pallet involves more than surgical repair of the defect. Services of other professionals such as dentist,orthodontist, otolaryngologist, audiologist, and pediatrician are usually required to identify and treat the associated problems. In addition the care is provided by each specialist carefully timed and coordinated in an individualized overall treatment plan.TSI's missions consist of volunteer medical teams who travel to different parts of Bangladesh where they are hosted by the local hospitals.

TSI's cleft- lip project works in co-operation with Cleft- lip Camp Group of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Artificial Limb Project

Manytimes artificial limbs are prohibitively expensive for individuals living in Bangladesh.  We help provide artificial limbs for those who need them but cannot afford them.  The need for the artificial limbs is determined by the doctors that are working with these individuals.  If the individual is unable to afford the artificial limb their doctor will contact us and ask for assistance in procuring the limb for that individual.

TSI's Artificial Limb Project works in co-operation with Burn Unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Palliative Care Project

Touching Souls International,Inc. will begin providing funding for palliative care for those that are nearing the end of their lives. This is a new area of health care for many doctors and hospitals in Bangladesh so they are not properly trained on how to provide this care.  We want to train the area doctors and hospitals on how to provide these services.  We also will provide the funding for hospitals to provide this service to the patients.  We will start their care in the hospital they are located in and help provide funds to the hospitals for expansion of their palliative care facility.

TSI's Palliative Care Project works in co-operation with Palliative Care Service of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Touching Souls International, Inc. provides scholarships to students who are in grades 5 to 12 to help pay for their education. These students have to be a meritorious student or orphans who cannot provide for their schooling. We determine they are a meritorious student by looking at the grades they receive in school. The student must also demonstrate economic need.

School Funding

We provide funding to the school in the village of Banail in the district of Kishoregang in Bangladesh.  The school administrators contact us when funding is needed. They provide us with a detailing of what it is that they need the funding for. We conduct periodic site inspections and we have individuals who live in the area that inspect the school as well. We also receive periodic reports detailing how the funds were used.

Journalism Fellowships

Touching Souls International, Inc. provides fellowships for water forum  journalists that provide the best research work on the environment.  This is for journalists in Bangladesh who do research work on how the water, more specifically polluted water, will affect people in Bangladesh, the betterment of the environment, and other environmental topics.  We look at which individuals’ research is the best and choose several people to make fellowship awards to. The journalists must submit an application and the application goes through a review board. The Fellowship Review Board is comprised of journalists we select who specialize in the environment.

Monthly Honorarium Project:

Touching Souls International, Inc. provides monthly honorariums to elderly,needy disabled individuals who cannot work for their care and food due to age or disability.  We are currently providing the honorarium to 110  people living in the district of Kishoregang in Bangladesh.  As the individuals who have founded this organization are from the area the organization has trusted contacts who can help oversee the programs and services we offer there.  The individuals are recommended to our organization by those trusted individuals that we know who travel or live in the area.

Assistance to desperately ill patients

There are so many families in Bangladesh with the heart-breaking fact that they cannot afford any medical expenses to save a person’s life when they are in desperate need for medical help and operation. Since 1981 TSI’s team is providing the financial assistance for many people of Bangladesh who are desperately ill for their life-changing & life-saving medical procedures.

Projects for Emergency Situations

  1. Give non-returnable lump sum for marriage for the poor
  2. Giving books for the poor students
  3. Giving money for the treatment and or operation for the poor patient
  4. Giving rice, sugar and other materials to the flood and or cyclone victims
  5. Giving sharees, lungi for the poor and winter cloth during heavy winter
  6. Giving lump sum money to the elderly (senior citizen) who does not anybody to care for
  7. Giving tin (aluminumsheet)  and capital  to build small bamboo houses for the very poor who do not have any roof on their head

Self-reliant project for the poorest

TSI’s self reliant project for the poorest was intended for the very poor, widow, aged and self respected people in and around Village Kushumpur,Vikrampur, Munsiganj, Dhaka , Bangladesh ;started in 1979  We had started many small scale projects; like

  1. Small cottage industry
  2. Small shop in her own house who was disabled making shelves around the room.
  3. Giving sewing machines who already knows the operation technique and very old
  4. Giving rickshaw to an only earning member of the family of 6 members
  5. Distributing cow, goat and or chicken to the widow female members.
  6. Giving small amount of money to the ferywala who goes house to house to sell different kind of merchandise in the village.  

All of the projects, the capital given was returnable, but when the capital given was raised, the business, cow, goat, rikshaw, sewing machine, shop becomes his or her own property. Example, the daily rent of a usual rickshaw is 20 taka per day but they had to pay only 5 taka per day and when 1000 taka was raised after a certain time period, the Rickshaw become his own property and with that 1000 taka we used to start another small scale project. In this way people become self reliant, self respected and get back the values of his or her life.

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